Mick Lindberg

17 August - 3 September 2013

Fabric Paintings

Images of women, often serene, sometimes disturbing, straight on like icons, wonderfully coloured and stitched in the most expressive medium - fabric - is the particular art of Mick Lindberg, being given her first one-woman show at the Anthony Hepworth Gallery. A former Paris fashion model, award winning photographer, designer of memorable clothes, her latest work, cut and stitched pictures make compelling viewing. All her life she has created, using her particular eye and feeling for fantasy AND reality, and often her needle and thread, to make magical images in fashion, photography and now fabric paintings. “Stitching is slow happiness,” says the artist who finds meaning, the common thread of life in her stitching, so fine it looks like the tiniest brushstroke. And in fabrics used by women for generations. “I don’t separate my life from my art, everything you do... the food, the garden, grandchildren, is part of the warp and weft of life. It is what your hands know and feel that comes together in what you do.”

Deirdre McSharry, July 2013

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