Cathy Lewis

Sculpture Installation at the Octagon Chapel, Bath

22 - 30 June 2011

My work often combines a layering of ideas, each idea influencing the outcome of a piece. For me, art is about questions rather than answers.

'Father, Tread Lightly' 2011

The piece is concerned with cultural identity. A child is taught and influenced by the culture it is surrounded by. How important it is to retain a cultural heritage, although we can learn and share from one another. The reference to architecture is the idea of history, how it is our forefathers who have shaped how we find the world today. I wanted to put children into the kind of setting where traditionally you would expect to see historical or religious figures. Putting the future where you would usually find the past. I also wanted the work to have a contradiction, in that from one view it is seemingly solid, yet from another the work seems to almost disappear. Nothing is hidden as to how the work is made and how it stands, relying on sandbags to give it stability. As it is the past which props up the future.

Cathy Lewis
May, 2011

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